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There’s leg day, ab day, cardio, and arms but do you ever devote your entire workout to training your DIAPHRAGM??

It’s easy to understand why this power house of a muscle gets overlooked. It doesn’t produce a 6-pack or nice looking cuts in your arms. It doesn’t matter how strong it is, it’s not going to make any part of you look more toned.  But it IS going to make a difference in how quickly you train all those “glamour” muscles that do make you look good.  Without a fully functional diaphragm, you’re wasting energy in the form of all the upper body and back muscles that take over to make oxygen intake happen.  Learning to use your diaphragm will reduce stress in the body, increase oxygen to your brain (and baby!) and make you a more efficient mover.


The entire concept of my BodyBond workout is centered around making the diaphragm as functional as possible.


Check out this short video on why.


And here’s an easy exercise you can be doing anywhere, every day, to strengthen your diaphragm, in the comfort of your own home!



What’s the most random place you can practice your diaphragm breathing?  Head over to Instagram and tag me in a video of you practicing your diaphragm breathing in random places!  😛  And don’t for get to check out the orange and yellow event link below!  We have 2 more free fitness events coming up!  You don’t want to miss them!

Love & Leafy Greens,


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