Calling all women, moms and mammas-to-be!

This is YOU if:

  • You are in the pre-concpetion stage: removing toxic chemicals from your home, tracking your cycle, taking a prenatal vitamin, eating organic foods, making nutritious meals and getting into the best shape of your life.
  • You are currently growing a human and trying to make your body the healthiest home possible for your baby. You are eating clean, exercising regularly, trying to eliminate stress in your life and reading every pregnancy book you can get your hands on!
  • You have just given birth and are transitioning into mommy-hood. You are full of love, feeling joyful but also tired, overwhelmed, your body feels broken and you have anxiety and fears about being a mom.
  • You’ve been a mom for awhile and you are trying to do it all.  You have a career, manage your home and try to make time for the gym all while setting up play dates, attempting to prepare nutritious meals and pouring an infinite amount of love into your little one(s).

No matter which stage you’re in, the bottom line is that you want what’s best for your family.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say you probably also want to feel human, strong, healthy and maintain your independence as a person.


In steps your Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness coach. Biz card

I’m your #1 fan.

Your biggest, unbiased, supporter.

Your nutrition, wellness and fitness confidant.


Together, we’ll clean up your diet, take the mystery out of food prep and debunk health “fads”.

We’ll go through your home and get rid of toxic chemical cleaners and poisons and replace them with products that are better for you and your family.

We’ll sort through pregnancy books and “advice” in order to put together a healthy preparation plan that is unique to you.

We’ll find you a fitness regime that you love. If you are pregnant, we’ll prepare you for labor (yes, you CAN train to make it easier)  and if you are postpartum, we’ll rebalance your body’s weaknesses in order to help you feel strong and whole again.

We’ll manage your mental health and find ways to bring more calm and ease into your day.

We’ll work on any part of your life you aren’t 100% satisfied with.  The possibilities are endless and your coaching sessions are customized to exactly what you need in order to be the best mom, wife, partner, daughter, friend and human.


Call me.  Consultations are always free. 

Let’s talk about what you need and how we can work together to get you there. 


Love & Leafy Greens,