BodyBond Wellness Coaching

Imagine this.  Your life is full of easy, nutritious meals.  You feel strong, whole and confidant in your body.  You go through your days with a sense of calm and ease.  Your family is happy.  You have time to pursue your deepest desires and ambitions.

It’s all possible!  We’ll work on any part of your life you aren’t 100% satisfied with.  The possibilities are endless and your coaching sessions are customized to exactly what you need in order to be the best mom, partner, daughter, friend and individual.

  • Consultation and goal setting
  • Exploration of foods that support preconception/prenatal/postnatal health
  • Creation of an armory of healthy, easy, family friendly meals
  • Stress management techniques to bring more calm and ease into your day
  • Body, beauty and home detox plan for eliminating toxic ingredients in your home
  • Nutrition controversy education on how to navigate the health, fitness and food industry
  • Fitness assessment of muscular imbalances
  • Exercise plan of corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles needed for preconception, pregnancy, labor and beyond
  • Guidance on pursuing your own personal goals.
  • Email, text and phone support throughout your program
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

BodyBond Wellness Coaching Program includes:

A Complimentary Consultation

4 Phone Wellness Coaching Sessions

1 Video Fitness Session

Ongoing coaching as needed



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