Babymoon Branded

My husband and I took our baby-moon when I was at 35 weeks pregnant.  I found myself feeling resentful that I didn’t have the energy to run around, hike up 200-stair lighthouses or even maintain the energy to make the walk to dinner without stopping to rest.  Now to some, there may be no “running around” or “hiking” up  anything but my husband and I don’t take vacations to relax.  We like to go on adventures.
I realize now why they say to take a babymoon during the 2nd trimester, not the 3rd.  Everything about the trip was cumbersome.  Riding in the car aggravated some SI joint pain that lingered for 3 days, sleeping in a different bed meant sleeping worse than usual and waking up with terrible back pain, being off my regular, healthy diet created constipation and swelling from all the added sodium in restaurant food, and a too small shower meant I couldn’t wash myself without a million moans and groans.
While it was nice to get away and mentally recharge with the hubs for a few days, I was SO happy to be home, in my own bed, with my own shower and have all the comforts within arms reach.

So how do you avoid the baby-moon blues?

Plan a 2nd trimester baby-moon.  You don’t realize how much more you’ll appreciate it.


Love & Leafy Greens,







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