Hey there, Mamma-to-be!

Remember how your mom used to say, “stand up straight!”?  Right now, that phrase is more important than ever and about to get a little more difficult.

You are pregnant and your body is going through a LOT of changes. If you didn’t start off with good posture, the gravitational changes and hormonal influences in your body are about to add to the challenge.  Poor posture during your pregnancy can lead to more lower back pain, neck strain and faster fatigue.  As your body changes and your belly grows, you are going to want to hold your posture in positions where the least amount of strain is placed on your back.

#Mauricethedog demo's "Standing up straight"
#Mauricethedog demo’s “Standing up straight”

Common poor pregnancy postures, aka“Pregnancy Pride” positions that lead to pain:

  • Standing with your hands on your hips, your bottom out and your shoulders back
  • Standing with your feet wide apart
  • Slouching forward because of the weight of bigger breasts and tummy.

All right smarty-pants, how should I be standing?

  • Feet evenly planted on the ground (no high heels), standing shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your knees loose and unlocked.
  • Let your shoulders relax and feel shoulder blades sliding down your back.
  • Feel as if you have an imaginary string coming out the top of your head connecting to the ceiling. (a ballerina trick I use with my “littles”)

Some tips:

  • Practice good posture as much as you can. Ask a loved one to tell you when they see you slipping into a “pregnancy pride” position.
  • Chiropractic care is safe and recommended by many during pregnancy to correct any subluxations of the spine, releasing added stress on the body.
  • Regular exercise and working with a prenatal corrective exercise specialist can help diagnose, strengthen and correct muscular imbalances.


Contact me and we’ll talk about what we can do together to help you improve your posture.  I work with clients, in person, in certain parts of Brooklyn and via video everywhere else!  It’s OK if you don’t have the funds to work with a trainer on a regular basis.  We can do a one-time video assessment of your posture and I’ll send you a list of exercises to incorporate into your workout to help improve your posture during pregnancy.



Love & Leafy Greens,