“Nutrition” is not only about food for our bodies, but it’s the food we use to fuel our soul.  It’s singing in the shower, waking up to go to a job we love, spending the day in the park with our dog, or taking our kids to swim lessons. It’s enjoying your favorite meal with someone you love or snuggling up for a night on the couch with your favorite movie.

I call this type of nutrition Motivated Nutrition because it’s what drives us to succeed, smile, and propel ourselves onward and upward!

So tell me,

Outside of healthy food and exercise, what motivates and inspires YOU to live happy and healthy?

  1. Decorate a sign showcasing what motivates you to live happy and healthy.
  2. Take a photo and post on Instagram with #MotivatedNutritionu and tag @JJEatPlay
  3. Check your Instagram on May 22 to see if you’ve won!
What Motivates YOU to live Happy & Healthy?
What Motivates YOU to live Happy & Healthy?











I can’t wait to see your entries!


With love & leafy greens,






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