I’m happy to introduce you to, The New York Doula!


I’m incredibly excited to be teaming up with Stephanie Heintzeler for the final evening of our BodyBond/Lole series.  I was introduced to Stephanie through Dr. Gregg (from our first event) and she is a serious force in the doula/midwifery world!  Upon meeting with her, I was immediately impressed with her calming spirit, good sense and plethora of knowledge!  I think she knows every pre/postnatal resource in the city!

Over the last new weeks, the events have talked about many options for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care.  I love introducing all of you to this “army” of educators.  There are SO many options when it comes to mothering, pregnancy and childbirth.  With so much information out there, it’s important to educate yourself on as many options as possible before you can determine which approach is right for you.

So I present to you…

Stephanie Heintzeler, doula and Certified lactation counselor,  has been a midwife in Germany before founding The New York Doula in New York in 2006. With a birth number of over 1,300 births she is one of the most experienced doulas in New York. Stephanie offers birth doula services as well as home visits/breastfeeding counseling and childbirth classes. She owns an agency called The NY Doula Concierge which puts expecting moms in touch with their perfect doula. Her 12 doulas are following a curriculum of continuous education and are all CPR trained (which is not common for doulas). Stephanie is excited to chat with you about how to set yourself up for a wonderful birth and post partum weeks!


We’ll also be joined by Brittney Mothner Jensen, the creator of Kid on the Town– a carefully curated resource for curious, active families based on the experiences of one Manhattan family.


Bundle Organics will also be there with samples of their teas and juices for pregnant and nursing moms!

This final week is a big one and we’re making it a party!  Be sure to bring your motivation for a body, mind, soul empowering workout, as many doula/midwife questions as you can think of, your curiosity for what its like exploring this fine city of ours with kiddos in tow…and your tribe!  Bring your tribe!  Don’t keep all this goodness to yourself!


Love & Leafy Greens,







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