If you want to make a BIG shift in your life in a little amount of time, you have to jump in on my gal, Erin Stutland’s “Say It, Get It, Sweat It” Challenge.  It starts today (it’s not too late to sign up…I just did) and it will deliver a week’s worth of FREE 5 min workouts to your inbox.  Uh…That’s kind of amazing.

If you don’t believe you can make a difference in 5 min, Erin will convince you otherwise.  Besides, we may all have good intentions of getting to the gym for an hour every day, but realistically, it just ain’t gonna happen.

The challenge is based on the principals of Shrink Session. “Movement in your body creates movement in your life.”  So what makes this workout different?  Well, you are saying positive affirmations OUT LOUD while you are dancing, kicking, punching and sweating.  I’ve recently started teaching Shrink Session and it has seriously changed. my. life.  I’m suddenly walking around with more purpose, more confidence and more awesome-ness in general!

Proof: pic of Maurice and I feeling AWESOME!

Joining this challenge is a great way to introduce yourself to this seriously life changing workout.  And it’s FREE so you have nothing to lose and oh, so much to gain!  Then, once you love it (which you will), you can come take my new class at The Movement starting next week!  (What’s The Movement you ask?  Oh just wait.  That post is coming next!)

Ahhh!  There is SO MUCH GOODNESS happening right now!

It’s time to take action!

Register HERE!  Say It Get It Sweat It Challenge

(There’s also a super supportive Facebook group you’ll be invited into once you register.  We can chat and motivate one another over there! )



Love and leafy greens,