I’ve been recovering from an injury and taking a lot of “not so good for digestion” meds.  You know that feeling of really having to GO but you. just.can’t?

I’m TERRIFIED of the thought of taking a laxative. And since I’m already taking 3 different medications, I don’t want to pump any more meds or supplements into my body.


Remember that scene from Dumb & Dumber when Llyod seeks revenge on Harry by slipping him a laxative?

Um…No thank you.


I prefer Mother Nature take care of this with good, ol, high fiber, wholesome food. So I mixed up a little homemade chia pudding to help with digestion and help move things along…naturally. Poor Harry.

Chia is full of fiber and omega 3’s.  Fiber is good for humans…esp pregnant humans! Omega 3’s are also good for brain health and help us regulate our moods. Flax seeds have the same benefits as well.


(Constipation and mood swings ladies?)


I started by just stirring ground chia into water but it congealed while I was drinking it. The texture grossed me out.  I decided to

chia pudding

spruce it up and make it into a pudding.  It’s the same consistency but for some reason, eating it with a spoon as “pudding” makes it a million times better.

“Move Along-Nothing To See Here” Chia Pudding”

•2 spoonfuls of *ground chia  (Grind chia/flax seeds first to ensure your body absorbs the nutrients better.)
•1 cup filtered water
•2 spoonfuls of natural, unsweetened applesauce (because fiber loves fiber)
•A dash of cinnamon (good for gut health and constipation)
•1tsp of honey, maple syrup or any other natural sweetner (Optional -just to sweeten it up a bit)

-place in the fridge to set for 30 min and enjoy!



Love & Leafy Greens,