Pre/post natal fitness


It’s been over a year of researching, studying and taking exams.  My doors are finally open!  Joanie Johnson is now offering Pre/Post Natal Fitness in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of BoCoCa, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, Gowanus, Park Slope and Windsor Terrace!

This training isn’t about looking good or trying not to gain too much weight, although those are added benefits, this is about being the strongest, healthiest YOU possible in order to have the happiest, safest pregnancy possible.  Every client’s fitness plan is customized and will be done in a way that will keep you and your baby safe.  If you weren’t physically active before, it’s not too late to start.

Check out some of the benefits!

Benefits of a Pregnancy Fitness Plan

  • Helps you feel less pain and stronger in your everyday life during pregnancy
  • Post-baby body recovery is faster
  • Wards off post postpartum depression
  • Improves mechanics during pregnancy. (If you aren’t moving correctly, you are making you and your baby vulnerable.)
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to the baby
  • Eliminates body toxins (this means less toxins to the baby) through diaphragm breathing
  • Strengthens delivery muscles that will help you and your baby during labor.
  • You’ll be calmer and stronger during delivery. (This means there is less stress on the baby and an increased likelihood of following your birth plan.)

Or, if you’ve already ran your marathon of labor, we’ll work together to create a personalized “get fit forever” plan. Many new moms are discouraged when they look in the mirror and have a plethora of new health concerns: varicose veins, PGP (Pelvic girdle pain), SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), a diastasis recti, sciatica or lower back pain.  Not to mention, that new human you are carting around is only going to get heavier and more active by the day.  You want to be able to keep up!  We’ll work together to strengthen muscular imbalances, eliminate pain and get your body confidence and energy back!


I’m really excited to start doing this work.  Please, help me by spreading the love!


Love and Leafy Greens,






Joanie Johnson, CHC, CPT