Open your eyes.  Your tribe is right in front of you.  Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.51.42 AM

Amy Schnelle Molina, a Post Partum Placenta Specialist from The Happinest Doulas and Lisa Metzger from Garden Acupuncture


I’ve been working like a mad woman lately on promotions, marketing, live fitness events and organizing a video shoot- all in preparation for a new online product release before Baby Rubin arrives at the end of July!  (Details coming in the near future!)

I had a BodyBond event with Lole this past Tuesday and my scheduled guest speaker canceled on me last minute and left me totally rattled. I went through a rainbow of terrible, worthless, self depreciating feelings and found myself spiraling into a place of self doubt.  “What was I thinking?  Why am I trying to do all of this NOW and grow a human at the same time?  What was the point?  What am I doing with my life?!”  We’ve all been there.  You get the idea.

Then I started sending out SOS texts to my tribe.

My “tribe” includes some pretty incredible women.  I’ve been fortunate enough to build nurturing friendships and make amazing connections in my life to feel fully supported…when I ask for it.  The probably is, I’m stubborn.  I like to muscle through and do things on my own without asking for help.

My yoga teacher is always telling us that this is a time in our lives that we should allow others to support us.  (By the way I’ve swiped this line to use in my own BodyBond classes.)   This simple line couldn’t be anything farther from the truth.  Text support came pouring in and luckily I came to my senses enough to pull out of my self loathing spiral and let my friends step in and rescue me from myself!

And voila!  Out of this “crisis” came 2 unicorns.   

Amy Schnelle Molina, Postpartum Placenta Specialist from Happinest Doulas stepped in to talk to us about her profession.  She demystified placenta encapsulation, taught us the benefits, precautions, process and also informed us on what to look out for when hiring someone to encapsulate your placenta.  The biggest takeaway I got is to not let your placenta out of your sight if possible.  Your placenta is transported to your home (not someone’s garage “work station”) and she does the whole process in front of you.  You also get a perfectly sanitized kitchen out of the deal!  I’ve hired her to encapsulate mine and will be sure to share that process when the time comes.

Lisa Metzger of Garden Acupuncture – is my other special unicorn.  Lisa and her husband, Alex, own a magical acupuncture oasis in Park Slope and I’ve gone to them for everything from back pain, to an injured rotator cuff to making sure I was giving this baby the best possible environment possible during my early pregnancy.  Their office is beautiful, their staff is friendly, they take insurance and they happen to be well educated and successful fertility and pregnancy experts.  Lisa shared the benefits of acupuncture during preconception, pregnancy and how it can help restore balance in your body postpartum as well.  One thing women don’t realize is that acupuncture can also be used to help with labor induction.  I have a few friends to have been to them for this very reason and then gone into labor soon after.

Amy and Lisa both happily stepped in to speak at the event.  Their wisdom and sharing sparked lots of questions, bonding and allowed us all to open up and feel a little closer as a BodyBond community.  That, my friends, is the main goal with this workout.  I’m not just empowering women to strengthen their bodies for pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum, I’m creating a network of support through all stages of “motherhood”.  We all have so much to learn and share with one another.  No one should ever feel alone in this process.

So send out those SOS’s when you feel yourself spiraling into a dark place.  This is a time to ask for help and support.

I guarantee your tribe will gladly step up to support you.

Love & Leafy Greens,


Join us on the 31st, 6:30pm-8:30pm

for the LAST event in the Lole/BodyBond series! 

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