Love is Love

The Women’s March this past weekend left many of us feeling inspired, hopeful, and motivated to take action.  I spent the weekend riding a high and then woke up yesterday morning feeling completely depleted and insignificant in my daily life.

After being part of such an inspiring movement, it’s hard to step back into the things we do every day and carry on as usual.  That’s dangerous because in order to get some work done, we feel like we have to forget about everything that just happened.  And we don’t want to forget about what happened.  It’s part of our story now.  We want to keep the momentum going.  We want to do something in our community to create change.  I woke up saying it’s not enough to train women and teach them to eat properly!  I need more purpose!  I need to do more!

And then a little voice said, “Whoa Gandhi!  Snap out it.”

I AM serving this change by doing what I do every day.  We all are.  Our jobs and chosen professions, whether that be a stay at home mom, barista, personal trainer, ARE changing our communities.

Life doesn’t carry on and progress doesn’t move forward unless we all get out of bed, go to work, and pour love into our daily tasks.

For me, it took realizing that I’m empowering others to be confident in their bodies.  I’m creating an army of strong women who are currently growing and raising the upcoming generation. I’m teaching them to live with more strength, more confidence, more energy and less pain.  We can’t stand up and fight if we are too tired and weak to actually stand. We all rely on one another.

We all have a purpose.

And that purpose is to continue to contribute to and pour love into our communities the best way we know how.  Only then, will we have the energy and resources to march forward in unity.  And we can’t stop there!  The Women’s March has launched a 10 Actions/ 100 Days campaign to guide us in what to do next.

So pull up those boot straps and saddle up!  We need you! 

Pop over to instagram and facebook to let me know how you are staying motivated and inspired this week.   What are you pouring love into?

Love & Leafy Greens,


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