Bond with your Body. Energize you mind. Revive your soul.

Preconception • Prenatal • Postnatal


Calling all women, moms, & mothers to be!

You will benefit from BodyBond Fitness Training & Health Coaching if:

  • You are in the pre-conception stage: removing toxic chemicals from your home, tracking your cycle, taking a prenatal vitamin, eating organic foods, making nutritious meals and getting into the best shape of your life.
  • You are currently growing a human and trying to make your body the healthiest home possible for your baby. You are eating clean, exercising regularly, trying to eliminate stress in your life and reading every pregnancy book you can get your hands on!
  • You have just given birth and are transitioning into mommy-hood. You are full of love, feeling joyful but also tired, overwhelmed, your body feels broken and you have anxiety and fears about being a mom.
  • You’ve been a mom for awhile and you are trying to do it all.  You have a career, manage your home and try to make time for the gym all while setting up play dates, attempting to prepare nutritious meals and make time to pursue your own personal dreams.


BodyBond Health Coaching

Imagine this.  Your life is full of easy, nutritious meals.  You feel strong, whole and confidant.  You go through your days with a sense of calm and ease.  Your family is happy.  You have time to pursue your deepest desires and ambitions.

The possibilities are endless and your coaching sessions are customized to exactly what you need in order to become the best version of yourself.

BodyBond Health Coaching Program includes:

A Complimentary Consultation

4 Phone Wellness Coaching Sessions

1 Video Fitness Session

Ongoing coaching as needed


 BodyBond Fitness Training

Fitness should be a top priority for every preconception, pregnant and postpartum woman. In your training, we’ll address your specific muscular imbalances and the core fundamentals needed to strengthen, rebalance and restore your body, mind and soul.  Growing belly’s and babies are great for weight training!

BodyBond Fitness Training Includes:

A consultation to set personal goals, assess muscular imbalances, and address problems like back and pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti or a leaky bladder. A discussion about your pregnancy experience and/or birth story.

60 min workout

Long distance video or in person training available*

*In person training is available in certain neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY.  Contact me to inquire!


 BodyBond Postpartum Support

The adjustment into mommy-hood is challenging and many women end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and forget to care for themselves in the process. While you recoup and focus on baby, I’m here to focus on you and your recovery from labor and delivery.

Postpartum BodyBond Support includes:

Non judgmental emotional support

Nutritional tips and recipes to boost recovery

Basic exercises that are safe to start right away (not 6 weeks from now)

Physical assessment of lifting, carrying and supporting your body safely while you recover

Breast and bottle-feeding support

General coping skills

Sibling transition support

 Contact me to start bonding with a body you love!!


Joanie is a certified Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist through Fit for Birth and a pre-certified Postpartum Doula through ProDoula.

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