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I created the BodyBond workout after becoming pregnant and trying to keep up with my regular fitness schedule.  I would walk into classes, inform the instructor I was pregnant and “Boom!”, I was the pink elephant in the room.  I was automatically given modifications that were unnecessary out of the instructors lack of prenatal fitness knowledge, prompted to do things with extreme caution, (yes, better safe than sorry) or to my horror, actually wrong (!) for what my pregnant body needed!  Other than prenatal yoga, I couldn’t find the workout I wanted anywhere!

I just wanted to get a good workout!

I gave up and started working out at home using my knowledge as a pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist.  I knew what my body needed in order to maintain my current fitness level throughout pregnancy and I also started developing exercises in order to prep me for labor, delivery and an quicker postpartum recovery.  (Personal success to be determined at the end of July!)  I started using these philosophies on my clients, pregnant women, newly postpartum moms, older women, even men, and everyone started reaping the benefits.  And I’ve certainly seen the benefits in how I’m carrying during my own pregnancy.

Both of the pictures above were taken within seconds of one another at 29 weeks. This is the difference between a non supported core and an activated one. (I’m not just “sucking in”!) The foundation of my BodyBond workout is about utilizing your “belly pump” and strengthening the entire “box” of your core so it automatically offers you support as you go about your day.   A supported core lessens back pain, leg pain, makes moving easier and more efficient, improves posture, increases oxygen to the baby and reduces stress to the baby-just to name a few of the benefits!

Working out during pregnancy with your actual pregnancy in mind, not just adapting a class to make it “safe”, is a total game changer. 

I didn’t stop at fitness.  BodyBond is an entire support system for your mind, body and soul.  It incorporates every aspect of pregnancy and guides women through the preconception, prenatal and postpartum stages of their lives.  It’s fitness geared towards training for pregnancy and regaining muscular balance-postpartum.  It’s wellness coaching offering support in nutrition, stress management and achieving your lifelong dreams.  It’s unbiased support, education, and comfort when you need it the most.

Voila! BodyBond was created! And now I’m bringing it to YOU!

I’m SOOOO excited to share this workout with the perinatal world!  Be sure to join me for BodyBond’s first FREE fitness series at Lolë Atelier in New York, May 17, 24, and 31, 6:30-8:30pm. Event info here:

In addition to being introduced to the BodyBond workout, I’ll be joined by some amazing guest speakers:

May 17: Dr. Gregg Rubinstein of 57th Street Chiropractic

May 24: “Bex” from

May 31: Stephanie Heintzeler, The New York Doula

There will be free refreshments, the making of new friends and Lolë is offering a discounted shopping spree of their newest collection!  I’m so proud to support them as an ambassador.  I spend my life decked out in their gear…even on non workout days.

heart lole ambassador

I hope to see you at the event!

Love & Leafy Greens,




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