Clients ask me all the time, “What’s ONE thing I should add into my “diet” in order to live longer, happier and with more energy?”

Forget the fad diets and magic foods.  The answer is plain and simple.





Good ol’ Vitamin “L”.  Research shows people in love actually live longer!  (Research shows all of these benefits as well.)


So mamas and mamas-to-be, if you are feeling discouraged about your pants not fitting exactly right or stressing about the last indulgent meal you had, take a moment to hug your little dears, gaze lovingly at that growing belly, have a dance party, celebrate life, and get some more Vitamin L into your diet.

And don’t forget the importance of self love.  Practicing self love during pregnancy will make you more relaxed, lower cortisol and adrenaline levels and deliver that all important oxytocin to your developing baby.

I admit, taking a time out to practice self love postpartum is a little more challenging, but set aside 5 min (every little bit helps!). Practice some belly pump breaths, do a few sun salutations, journal, shower (washing my hair once a week has become an indulgent act of self love lately!), anything that makes you feel good.

Make it a point to find one thing everyday that adds more Vitamin L into your life. It’s important after all,

Love is the strongest “superfood” on the planet.


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Love & Leafy Greens,

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