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“What IS a health coach?”

The simple answer:

a personal cheerleader for your health


YES, everybody needs one!  I have more than one and I AM a health coach!


I’m not going to lie, my job is incredible.  I get to joyfully focus on you as a whole person: on all of the wonderful Jekyll vs Hyde, spinach loving/ice cream binging, peacefully meditative/anxiety stricken parts of you! A health coach doesn’t judge and a good one isn’t going to tell you that you have to cut those beloved chocolate milkshakes out of your diet. (um, hello Shake Shack?).  A health coach works with you to figure out how you can be living the most balanced, energized healthy life possible.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a nutritionist. I don’t put people on “diets” or convince them to do juice cleanses.  I’m not a miracle worker. But, I will turn YOU into a miracle worker for yourself by making more educated and loving choices. The caveat is that you have to be motivated to make changes (hence Motivated Nutrition, the name of my health coaching program), otherwise the tool box that I provide you with will never be successful. My job is to be here to support you on your journey and be your personal tour guide to find the solutions that fit your specific needs.

Health Coaching is all about changing your relationship with yourself, your food, your body and everyone around you.

Some goodies in the program:

  • What foods are exactly what your body needs?
  • Learning a new personal mantra for when you are ordering out and cooking at home.
  • The importance of self love and care.
  • Learning to listen to and understand your food cravings.
  • How to make exercise enjoyable.
  • How to cook fast, easy, healthy meals.
  • Learning which foods are important to buy organic and which one’s you can save money on.
  • How to eat for energy.
  • What to buy at the grocery store.
  • How to plan meals.
  • How to find time for good health.
  • How to navigate social situations without sabotaging your new healthy lifestyle.
  • …and SO. MUCH. MORE!!!

To set up a FREE Motivate Your Health coaching session, go to the contact page and tell me you are feeling motivated to make some changes!


Love and Leafy Greens,