During pregnancy, your body is circulating lots of a hormone called Relaxin.  This hormone is important because its job is to soften the ligaments of the pelvis to give the baby room to grow.  The problem is, it doesn’t discriminate.  It also softens the ligaments in your hips, knees and ankles, making life a little more unstable than it used to be.  Not to mention, your center of gravity is now in a different location.

This is why focusing on stabilizing exercises during pregnancy is important. Check out the video below and I’ll talk you through an exercise you can do every day to increase your balance and stability.

1) Begin by finding your balance on one leg.
2) Inhale, fill your stomach full of air.
3) Exhale, activate your pelvic floor (kegel) and pull your baby closer to your body (pump) as you extend your arms and lifted leg away from your body.
4) Repeat 10x’s on each leg.

What’s happening here? 
This exhale “pump” activates your TVA, diaphragm, and obliques to give you greater stability as you reach away.  While simultaneously activating your pelvic floor, you are engaging all your core muscles from the bottom, sides and top.  Think of all these muscles working together to form a box.  Pulling those core muscles in towards the center of the your “box” will give you more strength, balance and support anytime your body is in a unstable position.
Questions about this exercise or others you can be doing to strengthen your body during pregnancy?  Send an inquiry or shoot me an email me at!
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