“I always look forward to my Pilates class with Joanie. Her enthusiasm and smile are contagious and help me start my day on the right foot! Joanie challenges me in my fitness efforts but also makes it enjoyable in the process. This is one of the many reasons I’m actually excited to come back for more every week!”
– Hannah

“Having Joanie as my nutritional counselor changed my life and that of my 11 year old daughter.  She worked with us as a family and our lives are forever changed.
I learned how to take care of myself from the inside out.  Joanie taught me how to eat and how to shop.
I have more energy since I’ve changed my diet and have focused on being kinder to my body by watching what I eat.   Meeting with Joanie weekly, we set goals, explored ways to achieve those goals, and documented some challenges we faced.  Joanie worked with us to overcome those challenges.
In addition to teaching us how to eat and shop, we worked on self-care.   Our work went far beyond the nutritional piece that I benefitted from, but we also assessed other areas of my life.  I was able to see, through written exercises, areas that I needed to work on.
My daughter, Lorin, enjoyed the work as well.  She immediately connected with Joanie, who made every exercise a family friendly exercise.  Her connection with and her ability to engage Lorin was amazing.  She made everything understandable, so that Lorin could easily grasp all the material we covered.  Lorin now assists me when I shop, she reads labels, and ensures that our plates at dinnertime are healthy. Joanie has changed us forever.”
– Beatrice and Lorin

The life benefits I learned through Motivated Nutrition changed my whole perspective. Not only eating habits, but fitness and thinking habits as well.  Joanie works hard to help you balance all aspects of life, so this is, in essence, self-awareness and discovery.
In her classes, she doesn’t just tell you what to eat; she brings the food to you, tells you how to prepare it, and helps integrate that food into your life. She follows up with gentle reminders and is encouraging without judgment.
I can say easily that Joanie’s teaching has stayed with me.  I don’t feel constricted to breakfast food at breakfast or dinner food at dinner. I enjoy better nutrition and benefits of whole food and nutrients from more sources.
In fitness, Joanie pays attention to form.  She easily tailors exercises around your weak parts and still keeps it fun.  I feel truly motivated to go strong till the end in her classes.  She is easy to follow and energetic.  I also love her music.
If you have tried other personal trainers and nutritional health coaches in the past, Joanie is both and much better.  It’s her strong attention to detail that makes her the better choice.  I can’t wait for more!
– Chinkara

“Working with Joanie changed my life and I am so glad that I gave her a call!  The new things I learned about nutrition, myself, and how to make my life the best it can be, have completely changed my outlook on life.  I have more energy than ever before, I feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally, and I feel better equipped to navigate all “health” products and ads out there.  Putting together a clear set of goals and having Joanie in my corner helping me reach all of those goals and teaching me how to get there was priceless.  I wish that everyone I care about would work with her because I know their lives would only be better.  I look forward to the future that Joanie has opened up to me and knowing that she’s always there if I need reinforcement.  Everyone needs Joanie!”
– Karen, NYC

“Having Joanie as my nutritional coach has been an amazing experience. My job and life are extremely busy and revolve around getting things done for other people. It was the perfect time in my life for someone to enter and hold the mirror up to stop me for a moment and make me accountable for me. I know I accomplish a lot every day but to have Joanie coach me on so many personal successes was priceless. The highlight for me was after 6 months, to see on paper (2 pages to brag), all the things I had accomplished and positive changes I had made.
I love having Joanie to teach me new things about my eating habits. She brought things to the table I would never have tried otherwise. My experience with Joanie was not just about learning what you should and shouldn’t eat but a whole body, whole life assessing process. I loved the circle exercise that showed me visually where i am placing the focus in my life and where I am lacking. You can get so carried away working on one aspect of your life but Joanie was able to broaden my perspective and make me accountable for all the aspects of my life. Her teachings and coaching have become a part of who I am and how I face each day.”
– Tegan, NYC